Our corporate philosophy of co-evolution of growing with
customers, employees and society.

Mission Statement

We, Argo Graphics, value "customers", "employees" and "society of growing together".
We believe that it is our mission to not only create solution to various problems
but also to continue to grow together through partnerships.

We will strive to be customer first, we will devote our fullest effort to the places our customers seek
and contribute to the development of our customers.
We will strive for fair corporate governance as a public entity of society.
Employees shall strive for self-improvement, working hard on technical strength and personality every day.

Medium-term Management Plan


To aim for the No. 1 company that supports IT in Japan and the world, we will expand qualitative and quantitative technological capabilities, expand market presence, maintain the world's No. 1 in Dassault Systèmes sales of products. We will expand and respond to globalization and human resource development.

Basic strategy+Strengthen management foundation Basic strategy+Strengthen management foundation


Towards a new era

Our company was founded in 1985, with a tremendous amount of hearty support.
At that time, the rapid evolution of the microprocessor has brought about a great change in the mainframe computers.
Since then, we have expanded our business dealing quickly with the evolution of information technology and earning our customers and business partners’ trust and loyalty.
We now embark on new era after 35th anniversary.
IT industry is changing radically due to the evolution of information technology: the transition from “ownership of products” to “usage of service,” and the deployment of artificial intelligence technology in a broader range of business processes.
Under such circumstances, we are sure that the role as a “technical solution provider” will be increasingly significant.
All our company members will continue to act as a unit to achieve our aims; to be a high-tech organization that can generate contribution to our customers’ corporate management with the most advanced technologies; to earn the trust of our customers, who are the driving force behind the Japan’s economy, by improving ourselves, by improving our character; and to respond to the stakeholders’ expectations by growing our business.
From the depths of my heart, I request your continued guidance and encouragement.

Chairman & CEO Yoshimaro Fujisawa