Our corporate philosophy of co-evolution of growing with
customers, employees and society.

Mission Statement

We, Argo Graphics, value "customers", "employees" and "society of growing together".
We believe that it is our mission to not only create solution to variou problems
but also to continue to grow together through partnerships.

We will strive to be customer first, we will devote our fullest effort to the places our customers seek
and contribute to the development of our customers.
We will strive for fair corporate governance as a public entity of society.
Employees shall strive for self-improvement, working hard on technical strength and personality every day.

Medium-term Management Plan

2016-2018 co-initiation

To aim for the No. 1 company that supports IT in Japan and the world, we will expand qualitative and quantitative technological capabilities, expand market presence, maintain the world's No. 1 in Dassault sales of products. We will expand and respond to globalization and human resource development.

Basic strategy+Strengthen management foundation


Towards a new era

Our company was founded in 1985, a quarter-century ago. Trend of downsizing established after the rapid evolution of the microprocessor in the open system environment was pushing the large-scale general purpose computers out of the stage.
Taking that opportunity, our company has rapidly progressed by introducing a large amount of workstations in design field and technical computing field to mainly automotive industry and electric and electronics industry. We currently provide the customers with the most suitable and high-performance systems assorting various solutions to support the whole process from design to manufacturing.
It was thanks to your loyal patronage for a long time that our company has a good chance now. Toward the next quarter-century we provide the best system utilizing IT technology which is still evolving. If that brings joy to our customers, our shareholders and our employees, nothing can make me happier.
We appreciate doing business with you and we look forward to a continuing relationship with you in the years to come.

Chairman & CEO Yoshimaro Fujisawa